Unveiling the Power of AutoMeasure: Transforming Crime Scene Investigation with Advanced Photogrammetry Software

Forensic photogrammetry software

In the realm of crime scene investigation, precision and accuracy are paramount. The ability to meticulously analyze every inch of a crime scene can make the difference between solving a case and letting it slip through the cracks. Enter AutoMeasure, the cutting-edge photogrammetry software that is revolutionizing the way investigators handle data from video and image evidence.

AutoMeasure is not just another tool in the investigator’s toolkit; it is a game-changer. Part of the Tri-Suite64 software package, AutoMeasure stands out as the world’s first and only Automatic Forensic Photogrammetry Software. Its unique capabilities set it leagues ahead of the competition, making it the best photogrammetry software available for crime scene reconstruction.

Multi-View Calibration: A Quantum Leap in Accuracy

One of the standout features of AutoMeasure is its advanced multi-view calibration. This technology enables the software to analyze multiple angles of the same scene, providing a comprehensive and accurate representation of the crime scene. Unlike traditional methods, which might rely on single-view analysis and manual measurements, AutoMeasure’s multi-view calibration ensures that every dimension is captured with pinpoint accuracy. This is crucial in scenarios where every millimeter counts, such as determining the exact position of a suspect or the trajectory of a bullet.

Beyond Height: Comprehensive Biometric Measurements

While many photogrammetry tools can measure the height of individuals in a scene, AutoMeasure takes this a step further. It can measure practically any dimension visible in the crime scene. From vehicle dimensions to biometric body measurements beyond just height, such as shoulder width and arm length, AutoMeasure provides investigators with a detailed understanding of the scene. This holistic approach to measurement ensures that no detail is overlooked, enabling investigators to build a more accurate and complete picture of the crime.

Scene Lengths, Angles, and Areas: A Complete Toolkit

AutoMeasure’s capabilities extend beyond simple linear measurements. The software can calculate scene lengths, angles, and areas with remarkable precision. This is particularly useful in reconstructing the sequence of events at a crime scene. For instance, understanding the angles and areas can help in reconstructing the movement patterns of suspects and victims, providing crucial insights into the case.

The Competitive Edge: Patented Features

Forensic photogrammetry software’s edge over other photogrammetry software lies in its patented features. These innovations are designed to provide investigators with tools that are not available anywhere else. The ability to produce accurate biometric measurements from surveillance video and photographs is one such feature. This not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of the investigation, as manual measurements can often be prone to errors.


In the high-stakes world of crime scene investigation, the tools used can significantly impact the outcomes of cases. AutoMeasure, with its advanced photogrammetry capabilities, provides investigators with a powerful tool to analyze and reconstruct crime scenes with unprecedented accuracy. Its ability to measure a wide range of dimensions, combined with its advanced multi-view calibration and patented features, makes it the best choice for forensic professionals. AutoMeasure is not just setting a new standard in forensic photogrammetry; it is transforming the very nature of crime scene investigation.

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