Are You On A Slippery Slope?

A Slippery Slope.

That's how Bruce’s dad felt at the end of his day. He was tired and knew he could not handle one-more-meltdown.

 Bruce is 3.5 years and in daycare all day.  Jeremy picks him up at 4:30 pm and tries to get dinner going before his wife Angela comes home from work.  Bruce's dinner is ready at 6 pm but he won't eat. This is a nightly problem for Jeremy and he doesn't have the patience to deal with it tonight.  When Bruce demands bread instead of the dinner his dad fixed and he wants it on a china plate instead of plastic, Jeremy complies. He agrees because he can’t face another fight. Mom is home now so they put Bruce to bed together.

 Jeremy is not falling into the wimpy parent trap... yet.  A lot depends on what happens tomorrow night when Bruce, empowered by last night's victory, demands only bread for dinner and on a different china plate.  He also wants to eat in front of the TV.  And again, Jeremy is very tired from another long day.

 Where does this story go from here.  Jeremy is on the edge of a slippery slope.  His innocent exhaustion - plus a revved up kid with a few successes under his belt - have set the trap for Jeremy. 

All parents strive to be measured and calm when dealing with our children.  But the challenges of sliding accidentally down that slope confront us every day.  We're not aiming for military standards, of course, but we'd all like to feel like we offer our children unquestioned, consistent leadership so they grow up feeling secure. Many times that requires saying no and sticking to it…even when we’re tired after a long day.

 Have you got slippery slopes ? I have ideas that may help you remain in control. We can set up an appointment if you’d like. We'll talk for an hour on the phone you give me examples and we’ll make a plan  for you to remain the calm standard bearer you wish to be giving out the same messages even though you predict it may lead to a melt-down. Ignore the melt-down and carry on.

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